Program Management Office

In modern organizations, the role of a Program Management Office (PMO) has grown significantly. Fact: Organizations with PMOs have a 65 percent increase in project success. We can ascertain this statistic!

AG Research identifies with the values of formalizing the practice of project management; balancing risk and ensuring the project achieves our client’s goals. Our PMO strives to document, provide guidance and develop meaningful metrics to measure the achievement of project management goals throughout all project phases.

AG’s PMO is mature and can confirm that our Quick Start methodology delivers visibility and the communication needed to understand the best project path forward for our clients. The Quick Start engages critical team players to verify the measurement of project success. The following are included:
  • Initial Project Planning and coordination of resources.
  • Visibility is confirmed through standard documentation (work flow processes, Use Cases, Architecture and Storyboards)
  • Communication through documentation and meetings, interviews and workshops
  • Confirmation of budget and schedule
  • Management of project resource allocation
Throughout the entire project AG provides Verification and Validation to guarantee the best quality and reliable solution.

  • Verification - The process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the product of a given life cycle phase satisfies the conditions imposed at the start of that phase. In other words…..Have you built the product right?

  • Validation - Validation ensures that each product of the development cycle functions and contains the features as prescribed by its requirements specification. In other words….Have you built the right product?
The PMO provides comprehensive Project Management, Business Analysis and System Analysis skill sets to compliment your own resources and address strategic and practical aspects of delivering the best solution .

Regardless of your uniqueness and potential solution, the governance of our PMO will meet critical success factors including effective sponsorship, accountability, competent staff, quality leadership and demonstrated value. AG can plan faster, manage smarter and execute better with its mature PMO.

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